Email address for each Team/Forum to be able to send posts from any email address

Jimmy Miller 7 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 12

Similar to how flowdock allows. They give a custom email address for your flowdock account for every discussion. you can send from any email address and it will create a post


We will definitely be looking into adding this feature. I don't have an exact timeline yet, though. In the mean time, did you know that if you get an offline email notification for a post/comment, you can reply right from the email and we'll put it in Ryver as a comment?

i know that ability. I was looking at it more for a hook type use. I use buddy.works for my continuous integration and it has the ability to send emails when processes complete. So having it be able to send messages/posts to a channel would be handy.

Lack of this feature is a killer for us.

Haven't tried it but you can likely setup something manually with zapier. com/help/email/

Zapier's too expensive for our intended use...