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multi-line quoted text

Piet Nutbey 8 years ago updated by Austin 6 years ago 9

On a regular base I use quoted texts in chats and often I will try to paste multi-lines, but the outcome on chat is that only the first line is actually quoted text, the next lines are regular text as can be seen in the attached screenshot. Was hoping this could be implemented in an update?

Image 8

Check if you have the latest version, they have already changed how it works, quotes now includes author. Multiline seems to work for me and even nested quotes works.

Definitely on the latest version.

I suspect we're not talking the same quoting here.

The quoting I mean is not quoting a previous chat text, it manually using ">" in regular chat and then pasting my multi-line clipboard.

Here is a screenshot:

This is how it looks for me:

What you see in the box is what is generated if I click reply on the second of the two messages above. If you click help > about it should say Ryver 1.1.6 (at least for the Windows client).

I think the main difference is, I suspect you are truly quoting / replying a previous chat/text.

What I am trying to describe is, having a piece of multi-line text in my clipboard that I paste into chat and want to share with people in a forum (not a reply, rather new multi-line pasted text).

By the looks of it, instead of just manually typing one ">" on the first line only, I would need to manually put a ">" in front of each line. I was hoping that Ryver could quote the entire piece of a multi-line piece of pasted text without manual work involved.

Use the block syntax like this:

Pasted text

It has syntax highlighting for code but works fine for any text.

Thanks for the tip! Although I reserve that for code (I paste quite a bit of code).. not quotes... Sorry to be a nitpicker...

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Note that we will have mobile updates any day now that bring the new quoting over to those clients.

As for auto-quoting multiple lines on paste, that might be a tough one, as not everybody wants their pasted text to be in quote format.

The scenario would not be... "all pasted text", rather, when I manually precede my chat with ">" I would like to see what is pasted after the ">" to be quoted. Multiline or not...

Currently it will only quote the first line of the pasted items, and lines after the first are discarded.

Multi-line quoting, similar to block code, would be greatly helpful. Maybe something like:

Text Starts here


Continues even further


would hopefully show up like so:

Text Starts here
Continues even further

Right now, the only way to accomplish this is to replace the beginning of every new line with '>'. Bit of a hassle for larger quoted areas.

There is a useful distinction between 'quotes' (i.e. emails or chats) and 'code blocks'.