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Feature to tag teamates for use as custom @mention

Andreas 8 years ago updated by pdlbibek 6 years ago 7

It would be nice to have the ability to add tags to teammates, for example I could add a tag for all guests when working with consultants and then when you need to ask any of them a question I can notify those specific users by typing @guest-tag. When teams get a bit larger it gets a bit inconvenient to @mention all the concerned teammates.

I was thinking that this should be on a team basis but maybe it could be done on the user profile so that it could be used in multiple teams as a tag likely is connected to who you are. Although your role could be different in different teams so that could pose a problem (maybe both features would be better?).

I would like to see this too. For me, it would be great if you could define a group of people under your own profile, and then choose whether to make that group 'public' (ie available for others to use) or not. This is only for the purpose of group @mentions

That's one way of doing it but if I'm understanding you correctly it might be confusing to others if they see an @mention but can't see who it's for. I suppose you could have it clickable to show a list but what if two people create the same one?


It's a good point. Then it's maybe better for an admin to create @mention groups, or allow everyone to be able to click to see the members, or hover to see the members. Forcing users to create unique names, shouldn't be an issue.

Under review

I'd prefer the admin-created groups. I can see many uses for this - tagging people who have authority to approve certain things, people with an interest in certain topics, people in a certain subcommittee, etc.

We used this feature extensively in the past ("@webmasters can you fix this?", "@masters_students the deadline is tomorrow") and can confirm it is useful.

This will be very useful I swear. I dont know why it is still under review after a year. ( For sub-team members: "@designerteam can you fix this design issues", For global team members "@designerglobal" we have a designers meet at this location")