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Nesting of Group Posts

Wayne 6 years ago updated by Jack Oswald 4 years ago 7

Replies to a post show up in the order submitted. This can make it hard to follow along, even if someone includes text from the previous post. It would be useful to me if the replies were nested under their parent; being collapsible would also be nice.

Under review

Hi Wayne - When you say nesting of "Posts", do you mean nesting of chat messages and/or comments? The way we have things set up today, you can nest a set of comments under a Post, but our "reply" feature on Comments and in Chat is more of a Block Quote feature.

We will be looking into the possibility of truly nested chat replies later this summer, but haven't got an exact timeframe for that yet. Thanks for the request!


Yes.  Please.  Even if you just mimic what FB does...that would be fantastic.


Would like to voice support for this suggestion - though i think "threading" of the posts would be more apt as a description :)

The "block quote" mechanism confuses the evolving conversation when you are replying to a conversation that was five items earlier in the conversation, and also leads to lots of repetitive information when you have lots of replies to the same conversation.

A comparable mechanism would be the threading on posts on Slashdot.


Just for fun, while looking at this type of structure, you'll often see a reply starting a whole new topic/conversation thread... being able to promote such a sub-thread out and make it a new top level post/conversation would also be an excellent option.

Shaun - I think what you're suggesting would work out well within our current UI constructs. For the time being, I expect comments on a post to continue to be only one level deep, relying on block quotes for replies. But we can look into a "promote" option like we have in Chat that would allow you to promote a particular comment to a new post, thus starting a new thread.

So long as the comments and sub-comments came along for the ride...