Add ability to select text from chat message in mobile client

Christopher 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 3

It appears that I am not able to select text from a message in a forum on the Android mobile client.

Use case is when someone sends a chat message with a command, partial url, tracking number, etc. it would be nice to be able to copy that text from the message then paste it elsewhere.

The standard convention in android is to press and hold on the text for it to be selected and then given the option to copy. This doesn't work in ryver. This ability should be enabled for the use cases mentioned above.

Alternatively, you could add an option in the chat messages menu (where you can select reply, edit, promote to post, etc) for copying the chat messages text. This isn't quite as ideal, though, because this will likely copy much more than is actually needed in the above use cases.

Would almost classify that as a bug, in the meantime, click the reply button then you can copy the text.


We have actually added a new option when you click the Ellipses button for a chat message to "Copy Text". This is easier than fiddling with manually selecting the text.