Have a dedicated Task List

Fresh Medley 6 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 8

Hey guys..it would be awesome to have a dedicated task list within Ryver app itself. Currently even with setting up zapier to use something like Asana, doesn't work too well (frequently has issues of connecting). Having a built in task list would be awesome, so we can assign tasks to users within a team and see what's done and left to be done.

I know this is on their plans already. They are building an entire task management system (looks similar to Trello but integrated didn't into ryver).

See this screenshots they have posted on their pricing page:

And then this page where they talk about it more - it's #10 on their list: http://www.ryver.com/team-communication-software-10-reasons-why-ryver-should-be-yours/

Note "Ryver Task" on the right side here.


Note that Forum and Team task boards will be a premium feature for Ryver, while the core communication platform remains free. We will likely offer a free personal task board, though.

Oh please please be within my budget. <3

Any idea of when we can expect this to be launched?

Just an FYI that we have pushed out the introduction of this feature. We decided for a number of reasons that we needed to focus our small team on some other core product improvements that have been on our "ToDo" list for several months.

We anticipate being able to hire a couple of new developers in the near future, which will allow us to then dedicate time directly to Tasks again, without negatively impacting our ability to improve the core product as needed.

Sorry about the wait!


Jeff, Is there a Jira, roadmap, or feature list that Ryver publishes so that we can see what you have planned regarding your upcoming releases? It might help lesson the blow regarding some of our favorite features being pushed back. ;-)

Note: I said "planned", I acknowledge that these are not commitments. I would just be nice to see what is in the hopper.