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Have Teams Visibile in the Navbar for every Member

Hans Bosma 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 5

It would be nice when you can set a Team to be Visible for every member. So that the member sees which Teams there are, and if he likes to join such a team. So the Team is closed (grayed out) but visible. Some information may come up when clicking, e.g. the Team Admin.

Under review

We do pin Teams automatically when a user is invited to one. So it's up to them if they want to remove it at that point.

For Forums, however, this is not the case. Our current plan is to add an option to the Add Forum view to notify all Members of the new forum. They can opt to click a link in the notification to join/pin the Forum.

Does that sound like it would do the trick for you?

I think I was not clear enough.

My point was to have an option to make Teams visible that you are not a member of. So in that way it is for every member visible that such a Team is available, and that they can join if they want to.

I just saw a Conversation about Admin seeing all teams, my proposal is to have all Teams visible for all Members (why not?). May be to have an option when starting a team to have that team 'non visible'. Of course, seeing the chats inside a team is only visible for the Team members!

This would be really useful for us.
It would be great if one could set a private team as "visible" and then let other members "request to join".

So the content will stay private until the team-admin has approved the member willing to join.

This was already missing on Slack, even though it is a common feature on social media platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

If a team is supposed to be "invisible" for non-teammembers (as it is for now), then this option should be also available.

I hope you review the comments on this old post.


I think we'll need to keep the option in place for a team to be completely invisible. But it definitely seems reasonable to want the team creator to be able to determine whether the team should be visible in the Private Teams list.

I'm adding this to our wishlist and adding a note on our Admin task to make teams visible to the Admin...we should be able to work on both scenarios at once.