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Add Chats to Existing Post

Stephanie Henyard 6 years ago updated by Adam Williams 2 years ago 3

Promoting Chats to a Post is an amazing feature! But what if someone continues talking about the topic outside of the post. It'd be great to be able to add those chats to the Post after it's been created.

Under review

This is a pretty cool idea. If we allowed you to select an existing Post, perhaps it could add the chat transcript as a comment on that post?


AH! I love this community. Just came to add this and sure enough, here it is already!

This could be so helpful! I have a number of posts in one open forum where each post pertains to a team task group within the greater team.

But sometimes you need to just chat back and forth about a project without wanting to create an excessively long thread on that post. But, if anything is said that really should be on the post, this would make it possible to do so.

Thanks for looking into it!

This would be awesome. I love the ability to create a topic made up of all the posts from various users.

But then people forget to put further discussion in the topic. 

Having the ability add these new posts to the existing topic is really the missing element from the topics concept.