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Windows app resets login details when loses focus

Chris 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

Click into a password safe and back again it clears the login form. Rather irritating.

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Hi Chris. Thanks for reporting this. I'm trying to reproduce, but not seeing the issue initially. I want to make sure I understand correctly. WHen you say "loses focus", do you mean that you filled in your password on the login screen, then switched over to a different application? Then upon returning to Ryver, the password field was cleared out?


It doesn’t seem to do it now that I am logged in with an account and I am trying to add a new one. It was on first start up and I was flicking between ryver and keepass on a new PC, setting it up, copying username and pwd and it kept resetting/clearing the login form as you describe.

Hi Jeff,

Just installed ryver on a new PC and captured this on video. Let me know where to send it.

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