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Add autoresponses from eddy for specific inputs

Scott S 6 years ago updated by Suman 4 years ago 6

In your competitors application they allow you to setup their bot to auto-respond with custom responses to custom inputs.


Scott: listofservers

bot: one.com | two.com | three.com

My team used that feature heavily, and it would be great if it could be mirrored here.

Rather than create a new idea, I will add on to this one (if it makes sense to separate it, then please do).

I would like to see the abilities of Eddy Bot be customizable. Or maybe that means the ability to create/integrate our own bots for our custom requirements.

As one quick example, I've used the /feedback shortcut a few times and I really like the concept. I would like to extend the concept to offer our own feedback collection form to our community. I'm thinking that the shortcut could fire a URL we define, perhaps with some addition of some query parms (with substitution values), to drive some of our own APIs or Forms (to minimize the amount of internal changes to Ryver - I'm focused on light-weight integration possibilities to add value to our community, easily available within the Ryver platform).

If/as needed, I offer my time for extended conversations/design/testing/POC, etc.


We do intend to offer the ability to plug in custom chat slash commands. Another option, though it requires some coding, is to use the Ryver Hubot adapter to implement your own Bot that watches for particular keywords, or just responds when directly addressed via @mention or Direct Message.



Thanks Jeff,

It's been a busy few months for us all. Given the recent explosion of bots in a variety of tools and the integration with IBM Watson APIs, I am interested in seeing what we might be able to do here with custom or extensible bots in Ryver. I didn't before, but I will now look at the links you provided; but I do notice that they've been out there without much enhancement activity.

Is there anything new on the horizon? I definitely believe it's time for us to start unleashing some new and compelling interactivity with our Ryver group. If we have some success internally, then I'm sure we would be very happy to opensource the solutions for the broader Ryver community.


The person who will be implementing custom Eddy responses has been working on Webhook support and OAuth 2 authentication recently, but that appears to be getting very close, as we are now testing it in-house. I'm hoping to get that person back on Eddy at the end of the year for some nice enhancements.

HI @jeff, we just started using ryver and I came across this thread because we had a lot of slash commands on slack. This is now 2 years old, any updates on this?