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Allow Non-Team Member to be included in a Post

Stephanie Henyard 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 8

There are times that a Team needs the input of a specific person or set of people for a specific topic. It's not appropriate to bring that person in as a Team member, as they don't need to be involved with other things being discussed and shouldn't see the team's history. Right now a new team would have to be created, which splits the content outside of the main team. It also may be a short-lived team depending on the length of the conversation/discussion. Ad-hoc group chat likely would not be ideal, since the content would be split.

Please allow the ability to add a non team member to contribute on a specific Post in a team, when they are added to the Post by the post creator/admin/team admin.

Under review

Thanks for the request, Stephanie! That's an interesting scenario, and I can see where it would be useful. It does introduce another level of security beyond the Team/Forum "container", but we'll discuss it and post back here when we have an idea for the difficulty/scope.

Reviewing this, it's very similiar to the scenarios laid out in http://feedback.ryver.com/topics/100-allowing-private-teams-to-communicate-with-each-other/

If there was a way to re-locate or copy a Post between teams, I wonder if the ad-hoc group chat would work after all? The content could be brought back to the main team that way, without needing a new team or changing security measures.

When copying a post, would you expect that to include comments, or just the post itself and any corresponding attachments? Thanks!

I would expect the entirety of the post to be copied - subject, body, attachments, comments, upvotes, etc

Thanks Stephanie - One complication there is if you attempt to copy a Post from one Private Team to another. Let's say somebody commented on a Post freely because they knew that it was in a private team with four other people they trusted. Then the post and all comments get copied to an open forum, or another team with a different set of users. Would that original commenter feel like there was a breach of privacy/trust in that process?

Just an example of something that we have debated over internally when discussing this type of feature.

A good point, but one that's already part of Ryver.

When I choose chat messages to Promote To A Post, I can choose where to make the post. Chats that happen in one private team can thus appear in the post of another private team. The only way these teams are connected is that I (the poster) am in both.

I've reported this as a bug as it really just seems to be a security/privacy issue.

Thinking through this idea, I think it can be closed - the need to be addressed would be taken care of by ad-hoc group chat.