Custom User Status Messages & Changes to DM List Display

Stephanie Henyard 6 years ago updated by SBW-admin 2 years ago 7

A user currently has 4 options for their status: Available, Away, DND, and Offline. Please add custom message descriptions to these options. Perhaps I am Available but working remotely. Or I'm in a meeting, or on a phone call. Our staff rely heavily on custom descriptions with our current messaging platform, and this is a major loss when switching to Ryver.

Building on this request, please make a few changes to the DM List display:

  • Allow filtering of DM by who's online
  • Display the custom status messages descriptions in the DM List
  • Collapse the DM list into fewer lines. Maybe the @ name is on the same line as the display name.

I strongly concur. This is probably the most critical omission in Ryver for my organization. At the very least it should allow something like BRB (be right back) or "On the phone" or "Back at 3pm".

It would be great if you could also include the option of appear offline or hide online status from specific users. For example, guests in the system (maybe it could just be a general setting but individual would be better). This way it would make it easier to include external users without the issue of them constantly interrupting your day when they see you're online.

Like how AIM used to have "Invisible" mode? That was more trouble than it was worth from a troubleshooting perspective, since someone would say "i'm online!" but someone else would say "I can't see them!"

I like the idea of manually controlling our statuses. I dislike how Ryver sets me as Idle automatically. I think there's another request that discusses that though.


Ok, we're finally making some significant changes to our Chat server that will support a number of things people have been wanting, including custom status text (other things include reactions on chat messages and being able to favorite/bookmark messages).

The initial focus will be on supporting custom status messages. We also have a new Roster view coming to Teams/Forums that will support some of the things being asked in this request for the DIRECT MESSAGES list. We will need to look separately at updating DIRECT MESSAGES. I'm going to consider this particular feature request item to be for Custom Status Text.

I think this is more important than it might seem. I really need to be able to say "at lunch, back in 45" and similar. This is a critical feature that would save time and allow us to use Ryver as a better all-in-one tool for helping everyone avoid back and forth email, constant calendar switching and direct texts asking if they're there or "is now a good time?" type stuff. Just wanted to add my support for this feature! Thanks!

It would be a nice feature to have especially now, when many companies are telling their employees to stay home due to the certain pandemic virus. Messages that show "Working From home" or "At Office" and the like, that are on other platforms.