Reactions for chat messages

jeff 6 years ago updated by kanbui 5 years ago 21 1 duplicate

Would like to be able to add a "reaction" emoticon to another user's chat message, such as a thumbs up.

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Yes, I love the upvoting for posts, so something like that for chat would be awesome.

Just had our first staff training session - believe it or not, this was the second request at the end of training.

For anyone that is coming from using SLACK, this is a must! I'm glad to see this is "planned."

I also look at Apple as a gauge for feature development. imho after the release of the iPhone Apple has typically been a laggard when it comes to technology. They wait until everyone else done it... and then they swoop in and do it better. They let everyone else struggle trying to get wearables right, then they brought the Apple watch with a new level of elegance and functionality (though now subpar.) The "command center" came to iOS several years after Android has that convenient tool. I could go on but this is not a blog. I have a simple point to make with all this...

I would say that the main focus of this next iOS release is what Apple is changing with their Messages app. They realized that this is the most used app on iphones across the world. Communication! They are adding this functionality so that you can add reactions to individual messages! Yay!

So I guess my point is that if Apple is a laggard in many cases, then having this feature available for people to be able to react to posts, is barely keeping up with real time communication status quo.


Yes! Please add this FEATURE asap.

It really is a great feature as a way to acknowledge posts without killing the timeline with actual responses.


Is there a target date on this feature?

Yes please! Adding this feature can promove votes for a question!

Just about to migrate our team to Ryver, we would absolutely love this!

While a upvote is a good idea pretty much all the time - I hope this set of "reaction emoticons" can be disabled per team/forum.
It is really not a feature I'd love to see for work but it's a nice thing when you plan events for instance or have an informal chat about non-work topics

The reactions are good for chats as it makes conversations less enterprise-y and formal, which is a culture my business thrives on.

+1 from me!


Thanks for the additional feedback on this feature. We have had to prioritize a bunch of other things before reactions, but we're finally looking into the actual implementation details.

Hi Jeff. Are there any news regarding the reaction/impression function?


we recently migrated to ryver from slack and the one feature the whole team misses unanimously is the reaction feature.. thanks for prioratizing this.

Even a tool like Upsource want to add thís feature:

Everyone loves reactions in Slack, right? Reactions help you give feedback in a fast and compact form, saving time for everyone. We are eager to provide you with such an ability in Upsource.

1 year since suggestions and still nothing? no wonder Slack is making so much money :/ btw, I know it's "planned" - for 5 months now. terrified how much will implementation take.

this is highly required for my team, slack reactions were heavily used on Slack and on Mattermost, we like Ryver but we would love it if the reactions finally arive.

+1 vote for this feature. Sometime I don't want reply with only a thump up .

@jeff Great! Thank you!