Add comment field to checklist

FrednotFrank 2 years ago 0

Having a checklist where each item can have a comment field will allow the use of response templates.

As it is now, if you want a user to go through a checklist where the item being checked requires feedback (e.g., checklist item is "Choose Design Preference" and "Choose Font Preference" and "Choose Color proference"), the only way to do so is to set that up in comments, and have the template as the first comment. Trouble is, copying and pasting a comment, or responding as "reply", loses all the formatting of the template--no bold, no underline, no italics, no line spacing, so the response becomes a mess. You're working with a flat universe.

In other words, there is no interactive ability that includes having a template for the responses, and having comment fields in the checklist seems the easiest way to accomplish that. The other way would be to allow the importation of templates into the Comment field, so the template can be set once for all commenters, or copied and pasted as a reply.