Integrated note-taking

Danny Akright 3 years ago updated by joeboon 1 year ago 2

Create a very simple note-taking section that would work pretty much like a chat with yourself. I'd like to take notes during meetings without having to do so within a chat with another user or within a team/topic/task. It would be great if you could then create tasks from your own notes.

As a workaround you could create a task for yourself, e.g. "Attend product launch meeting on 26 July", and then use the comments on the task to capture your meeting notes. 

Just realised everything you asked for exists! There is a chat for yourself in Ryver. On the left hand panel scroll down to People and click on yourself. You can chat with yourself (but don't expect a reply!) and there is also a Tasks tab where you can create personal tasks for yourself on a kanban board. You can even click the dots on one of your own chats to Create Task..., and pick "Personal" if you want to create a task from the chat in your personal task board.