Is Ryver development dead?

svacko 3 years ago updated by joeboon 3 years ago 4

Is Ryver development dead? The product ideas forum has not been updated by the company support crew for months.The apps, in my opinion not in a good shape did not receive update for almost half a year.

We did decision to move to Ryver two year ago with promise of new features being implemented (adhoc group, export from Ryver to slack, etc), however, none of the features was moved beyond the Planned state.

We trusted Ryver claims that with its business model (forever for free) it's going to help replace majority of the email communication in our company and will be perfect Slack alternative. We didn't migrate off after the company changed the business model to pay the flat fee as we expected the development will become faster. However, the opposite happened, we see no active development and see our future with Ryver very pesimistic and seriously feel somehow deceived by these false promises.

Can you please provide us some Roadmap or tell us more about your future plans? Is this platform still in development or is it a slowly dying project and we should all prepare for an escape?


i think that is safe to say.   There have been no updates in nearly a year of any kind to the platform or mobile app and no activity here either.  We are in the same boat with you, as I expect most other users are as well.


I don't think it's too much to expect for an official announcement from someone in a position of authority to state whether Ryver is going to continue to be supported/developed or whether we may wake up one morning and find it turned off? The latter scenario would cause huge problems for us, and if it were to happen, I'd like know about it, so that we can start to make other plans.

I think they are running on fumes hoping to get acquired.

I have developed a Windows application 'ExporterRy' to export Tasks, Topics, and Chats from Teams and Forums.

I hope we don't need it! All processing happens locally and it doesn't ask for your password.

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