meeting agendas

midijay 3 years ago 0

we all run meetings and there is no good solution in the market for a great way to collaboratively build a agenda, run the meeting and assign action items as an outcome. Doing this inside the company communication platform would be a dream and a product in itself.

i see there have been requests for a calendar in the past and these 2 features could integrate.

I would see "meetings" as a separate tab like topics/tasks. A meeting could be a lot like a topic. The description could be a list that is editable by team members. When you run the meeting you could type up comments on each agenda item. these could just be threaded comments for each agenda item. Then if any "comment" required action it could be converted to a task and quickly assigned to the appropriate team member.

i can thing of more lavish designs but this approach would require minimal development working within the parameters of what ryver already does well.