Home Page Option

mhorace 3 years ago 0

When restarting Ryver, it picks up where you last left off. This is often confusing and disorienting. It's like opening up the NY Times app and instead of it showing you the latest news, it shows you the last article you were reading. The majority of the time I log in, I'm not intending to pick up where I left off; I want to assess the latest information and then navigate as I see fit. 

Just as Outlook and many other apps, When starting or logging into Ryver, I would like it to give the user an option to either start on a home page  or pick up where I left off (actually the latter would be a welcome button on the home page). Even better if the user could tailor this to their own preferences such as show unread notifications (with previews), show latest activities, show current, overdue, or upcoming tasks/task reminders, etc.