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Add setting in a Forum Profile to set default view of forum (posts or chat)

Nate Y 6 years ago updated by RyverMan 5 years ago 3

In the case of using a forum as a forum of posts, it would be nice to be able to set the view to posts by default instead of chat

Absolutely!!! Some organizations will use threaded posts much more than chats. I would even argue that there should be an option in setting up forums and Teams to turn off Chat and make the Chat button invisible.

This has been asked for several times in different places, and I for one would very much appreciate it implemented. We have real issues having both chat and posts in each forum. It has got to the point, where we are now looking at other platforms because for us as important items are being lost in chat (because it's not threaded), or it's being put into a post, and people don't know it's there! I'm sorry, but for some, it just doesn't work as it is.

I would suggest a flexible (admin controlled) approach, and for each forum there are numerical values that can be assigned to chat, posts and tasks. These would denote whether any of the above three areas of functionality appear, and if so in which order, as an example,

chat 0
posts 1
tasks 2

would mean that ONLY posts and tasks would appear, with posts being the default. I hope this makes sense, and would provide utmost flexibility.