Notification of updates for a specific team/open forum task board

EugenW 4 years ago 0

We use Ryver task boards extensively to manage to-do lists, open support issues etc across our teams.  Admin assign other users to tasks and these tasks transition through states to done and have comments added to them.  We also have external guests assigned to those teams so external people can log tasks and track outstanding work related to them.

It's currently not easy to view new updates to a task board especially if you've been away from the board for a few hours depending on the activity.

It would be useful to be able to be able to view notifications that are specific to that team and not necessarily only showing notifications related to that user.  For example.  Notifications would show in date/time descending order when new tasks added, tasks assigned to users, commented and marked as done.   Then like the current Notifications area the user can select the tick to indicate they have all been read.

This notification view could be added to the sidebar options along with Profile, Roster and Files.  Any user in the team would have access to it.