Want to Use Ryver for Project Management but keep Chat/Topics Internal but share Tasks with Client?

Phil Dimuro 4 years ago updated by joeboon 2 years ago 3

Is there a way to do this in the current system? I would absolutely switch to Ryver in a heartbeat. It's the only thing I can't figure out how to do if we would switch our current Skype/Trello/Email flow over to Ryver Pro

In order to separate team communication from client communication, imagine the following:

1. There would be a separate role called 'client'

2. The chat could be separated into: team chat and client chat (2 separated chat channels, accessing the client-chat should be an optional property of a team member)

3. The topics could be separated into: team topics and client topics (2 separated topic channels, accessing the client-topics should be an optional property of a team member)

4. The tasks should be visible to the client, limited by the following fields (title (read-only), or if available the title is overridden by a specific client-title (read-only) description (read-only), or if available the description is overridden by a specific client-description (read-only), assignees (read-only), attachments (read-only but possible to add new) client-comments (editable)

5. That it would be possible to have an optional property for a category on the task board which says: client can add tasks (title, client-description, attachments, client-comments). In this case no email is needed anymore and the client is able to add tasks to the board containing the initial info. The admin is responsible for the follow up on the task board.

With a feature like this Ryver is not only about team communication, but also about client communication. It becomes -the hub- between the team on the one side and the client on the other side. As an admin you are able to manage who can communicate with the client and who can't. Internally everyone can talk freely since the internal communication stays separate from the client communication. In case you work with co-workers abroad, using another language then the client does, languages stay separated.

Hey @Wouter I'm relatively new to this chat but my understanding is you are building off of my initial request and not suggesting that this is in place today. I definitely like this recommendation. My only other scenario is I wish I could just issue the role "Client" and then activate which specific parts of a channel they could see. Ex. I would just activate "Tasks" and "Topics" but leave chat off. This way I can still create tasks directly from messages in my chat which is my ultimate goal. All while allowing my client to stay in the loop with current task list.

What would happen if you had two Teams (or one Team and one Forum)- one for internal use with Chats and Topics, and the other shared with the client with just the Tasks tab? You can create a task in your internal team from a topic in another forum by using the "Create Task" menu and then the "Change location" button. This might meet your requirement.