Team Tasks Assigned to Me also show in my personal tasks

Andrew Garrett 4 years ago updated by Vic 3 years ago 1

If I am in multiple teams, and have tasks assigned to me, I need a way to track and manage those in the scope of my whole job?   Currently the task stream will show me anything assigned, but it would be useful to be able to have the ability to manage those within my "Personal Tasks" workflow, without having to copy/move from the team tasks lists.

Building on your thought Andrew, this makes so much sense to me.

My team has just started using Ryver and we're finding it really hard to keep track of both tasks assigned to us and our personal tasks.

Ideally, you'll have both types of tasks in your Personal Task tab so that you can prioritise better.

The only solution we have right now is the COPY the task to our Personal Task tab but these should be a reference task rather than a completely brand new copy, or otherwise the status of them won't be in sync (i.e. if I've marked one as completed, the other will still be open if I forgot about it).