The Tasks section becomes unresponsive when there are too many Tasks

Ben 4 years ago 0

When a Task section has over 600 or 700 active tasks, it's starts becoming unresponsive.  As tasks increase, it first takes a few seconds to load, but then it can become completely unresponsive and the tasks won't load at all.

This happened to me.  I was adding old tasks I had in my outlook, with the idea of working on them or assigning it to other people on my company.  First it was only a couple seconds delay.   Days passed and as I added more tasks the delay started to grow to 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.  Got to the point that it took a few minutes and sometimes it just would not load.  I had to retry several times until it finally loaded, and I had no choice but to reverse the process: I started copying the tasks back to my outlook and deleting them from Ryver.

This shouldn't happen.  Alternatively, Ryver should mention that users should not have more than X qty of active tasks.