Allow "Don't Send Notifications" on Topics and Tasks in the Team Notification Settings

Ben 4 years ago 0

Right now, on the top right of any team there's an elipsis.  The first option is "Manage Team" and below there's "Notifications".  There, you can chose 3 options for Topics and the same 3 options for Tasks:

- New Topics/Tasks created
- New Topics/Tasks and replies (auto-subscribe)
- Only Topics/Tasks I'm participating in

I propose a 4th option: "Don't Send Notifications".  Especially for Tasks.

When you have a small team and few tasks, it's not a big deal to create a Task and be "Auto-Subscribed" to it, so every time there's a reply you get a notification.  However, if you create a lot of tasks for your team and you trust your team, you really don't need to get notified every time there's a reply.  Actually, you can get too many notifications which will clutter your notifications stream.