single sign on / SSO

Roy Nasser 6 years ago updated by Stephanie Henyard 4 years ago 13

Add the option of integrating with Google Apps or other providers of authentication for small businesses so we dont need to create all accounts/disable them manually, etc and to make things easier for users to not need to remember too many identities.


We are hoping to start working on SSO by the end of the month. Please note that we are considering making this part of a Premium service that would include other "pro/enterprise" features. Though our pricing model would be much more friendly than what you normally see for such services.

Hi Jeff - Any joy with this?

Yes! We're google apps - I would love to have my users authenticate using their Google credentials. Ideally, I could create their Ryver accounts as part of a streamlined onboarding/offboarding workflow.

Additional thought: would there be a migration assistant to associate existing Ryver accounts with google accounts based on their email addresses?

SAML-compatible SSO is a hard requirement for us as a potential enterprise customer. I'm sure many other organizations are in the same boat.

Any news about this feature ? It should be really usefull for us to be able to allow our user to connect with their google account

We ended up pushing out SSO and other "Enterprise/Professional" features that we expect to put into a premium offering. We also pushed out our work on Tasks.

Our funding has allowed us to continue focusing on the core "free" product, and will also now allow us to hire some new developers in the near future. At that point, we will be able to dedicate some resources to those premium features that we would like to introduce by first quarter 2017.


Hello, looking to make a decision for our Q1 2017 IT planning.... will Ryver be offering SSO / Azure AD integration? If so, even in a premium product version, what is the expected release date? We won't be able to consider Ryver without this feature. Thanks, Scott


We will be implementing SAML support over the next couple of months, then taking it live in Q2. With SAML support in there, people will be able to use the SSO management tool of their choice to integrate into AD, etc. I believe this would cover your needs, but please let me know if you need something more specific.

Our next step in terms of doing a more focused SSO integration will likely be related to Google Identity Management for G-Suite applications.

need SAML SSO as well. We use Okta as an iDP.

So now that Ryver is no longer offering a free tier, how quickly can paying customers expect a google authentication integration to appear?