More Filter on task stream

Viktor 4 years ago updated by Lisa Woodring 3 years ago 1

It would be nice if Ryver put filter on Task Stream as it implemented in Task Tab, Our team daily routine is go to task stream and filter "Assigned to Me" at this moment it filled with Task that already done and not done, which is bit messy... if you can filter by "Not Done" only OR by specific "Tag" it would be more productive flow


Without the ability to filter by "Not Done" under "Assigned to Me"...   this is essentially useless, too much clutter.  Would also be nice to filter by other things, such as Tags, which forum/team it is from (essentially which prefix the task has).  (I do realize that you can archive completed tasks, which helps to clear up the view. However, there are times/situations when we leave the tasks un-archived for awhile.)

Would also love to see a view combining "Task Stream" and "Personal Tasks" to see them all together.