simple custom task analytics including task list per user and other pivots

mski 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

would be great to quickly figure out "what is person X working on" or "what has person X completed in the past k days", as well as other queries or aggregations of the task data ... even if required an export eg to xml, json, or tsv!

is there a way to do this in the current app? not sure how to assess task progress over a time period or for a given user

More fundamentally - is there a way to query tasks on the basis of user, team, time period etc.   It's very hard to get a sense of what people have been working on without this kind of functionality.  Would be even better to create a leaderboard eg per month or week for task completion within and across teams.  Simplest fix on your end would be if we could task data as a .tsv and do these kinds of queries externally.