Topic notification in any particular forum

RyverMan 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Topic notification in any particular forum appear to have three options,

New Topic created

New Topics and Replies (auto-subscribe)

Only Topics I'm participating in

There is no option to stop ALL Topic notifications in any particular forum. This would be easy to add, and reduced notifications would reduce server load

"Only topics I'm participating in" is almost what you're looking for. You'll only be notified if someone @mentions you in the topic body or the comments.

Not quite. if a user is included in a team,they HAVE to select one of the three options above. There is no NULL value in the dropdown list, which means that you will ALWAYS be notified if a new topic has been posted, OR you start to participate in one, in which case, you will notified for every new update, once you have participated.

There is NO option to stop notifications altogether and just allow the users to dip in and out of any particular forum at will.

The notification of someone via @mentions is a separate issue.