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Group teams, forums or users in nav bar (like a folder structure)

JP A TOCNIC 6 years ago updated by Alejandro Castillon 6 years ago 5 1 duplicate

My suggestion is that may have sub privates teams like a sub-folders.
A big difference

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Yes me too, we like to create regional forums/teams like:












--Kuala Lumpur

So teams could speak in their local languages region specific.

Under review

We are looking into a Nav Bar upgrade that would bring custom "groupings" of Forums, Teams and Users. You provide a name, and then pick a set of Forums, Teams or Users you want included. If you collapse that group, any new chat activity in one of the included sub-items would bubble to the top group tab so you know there is something to look at.

My users have been asking for this, but I think it'll do more harm than good. Instead of grouping Team Chats, I'd love to see the ability to have a user be part of multiple Accounts, and each account has it's own set of Teams. Flowdock allows this, with all of the users, accounts, and teams managed centrally by administrators.

For example, our Events team, instead of having an "Events" Team chat in the current setup where they discuss all events, but need to use tags and posts to differentiate which conference they're talking about, could have their own Events Account. Within that account they could have a Team for each current event they're working on - usually 5 at a time. That would allow true topic organization by chat. We could then have an Office or HQ Team where the more general topics live.

Just had a meeting with a bunch of shadow-slack users in my office ahead of next week's Ryver rollout. While they're definitely using multiple Slack accounts with multiple channels each - the Flowdock model as I mentioned in my previous comment - I've changed my mind and I think the groupings model as described would probably meet this need.

Either way I'm going to end up administrating a *lot* of Teams.

This would be a great added feature for our project. We are currently investigating a replacement solution for our current option which is being phased out. Ryver is at the top of the list, but having sub-private teams would make it a lock.

For instance, our project communicates and shares information with many school districts across the state (California). This would allow each district to have it's own private team for all members (as it is now), but breaking them into sub-teams would be a huge plus. For instance, we could categorize them into leadership team, program directors or even for each school. This is possible to currently do, by creating a private team for each of the above mentioned categories, but the list becomes loooong and difficult to sort though. The ability to toggle each top level team would be awesome.

Other wise, great piece of app. We look forward to the years to come with Ryver.