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Add ability so download file

Dani Avni 4 years ago updated by Austin Best 4 years ago 3

Someone just sent me a XML file. On the desktop app, when I click the file it opens in the browser. please add a button to download the file

Under review

Hi Dan - if you move to the "Files" sidebar - the vertical 3 dots icon next to the filename will offer you the download option.

For text-based files opened in the browser, you can click Ctrl/Cmd-S to save the file to disk.

I never saw this panel before so thanks for that! I still think that on the message itself there should be a more visible way to download the file. 

This is any file that can be opened in the browser, not just XML files. Since the app is basically just a wrapper around a browser window, it acts just like a web browser would. There needs to be some code added to treat every file type (css, js, html, xml, etc) as a download and not an open file.