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Ryver Analytics

Ben 4 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 6

It would be very useful for Admins to have a few pages with analytics summary data and graphs, like Slack has.

As of today 2/7/2018, Slack has the following information in their Analytics page:

In the Overview Tab:
- All-Time Usage
- Messages Sent (by the whole organization)
- Increase/Decrease in qty and percentage of the messages in the last 30 days
- File Storage used (by the whole organization)
- Increase/Decrease in qty and percentage of files in the last 30 days
- Apps and Integrations Installed

- Active Users
- Graph showing Weekly Active users and alternatively Daily active users (over time)

- Public (Forums) and Private (Teams)
- Graph showing 2 tabs: Where people are reading and Where messages are sent.  Percentage in Public Channels, Percentage in Private Channels, Percentage in Direct Messages

- Messages and Files Graph
- Graph showing 2 tabs: Messages sent and Files Uploaded (over time)

In the Channels Tab:
- Qty of Public Channels (forums).  Then a table with the forum names, date created, last active date, Total members, messages posted

In the Members Tab:
- Table with all the members names, user names, email addresses, account creation date.

Under review

Thank you for the detailed rundown, Ben! We have been looking at what it would take to provide some high level stats to the Admins. As a starting point, we were looking at the following, to be updated weekly (all organization-wide metrics):

* Total team/forum chat messages

* Total DMs

* Total topics

* Total tasks

* Number of users added

* Number Teams and Forums created

What do you think about that for phase 1?