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Allow admins to view direct messages

Charlie Brummitt 6 years ago updated by martin 5 years ago 4

As an admin, I'd like to be able to view all direct messages.

This request is closely related to the request "Allow Admin to see and manage ALL teams, not just the ones they are on" http://feedback.ryver.com/topics/14-allow-admin-to-see-and-manage-all-teams-not-just-the-ones-they-are-on/

Under review

I've got to be honest. I don't see this feature coming to the free Ryver service, given it would be a significant invasion of privacy. Perhaps this would be an option on a premium "enterprise" service in the future.


I don't see any need for an admin to spy on private messages, unless there's a data retention need required by law.


I dont think this should be an "Admin" option, but maybe a "Super Admin" for which would need elevated permissions and only have one or two of. This software is geared towards using by companies, a company has a CEO, a CEO has every right to view anything related to their company. There is no such thing as "privacy" when it comes to hardware OWNED by a company and software used by that company. It is all company data, not your private data. Many companies have this type of information lined out in their policy/company manuals. I would love to see a business where an employee tells the owner what they can/cant do with their own data/hardware. I'll leave it at that for my opinion on this.


As an admin, I don't want access to private messages because, I know that if the users know I could view their messages, it will stunt their participation and I don't want that. I want people to have a "safe space" where they can discuss whatever they want.