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Notifications should show the Chat, Topic or Task line (or lines) being reminded in Yellow Highlight

Ben 4 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 2

Right now, when you set a reminder on a chat, once you click on the notification, you see a thin red line above the message you set the reminder on.  However, when you have set a reminder on the title of the topic or a task (not on one of the lines in them), there's no indicator of which part of the topic or task is the one you are being reminded about.  So each time you are looking at a notification, you spend a little bit of time looking for the red line or trying to figure out what part of the screen you are looking at has the issue you are being reminded about.

I propose that whatever you set the reminder on, the notification should show the Chat, Topic or Task line (or lines) being reminded in YELLOW HIGHLIGHT.  So if it's one line, it will highlight that line.  If it's the whole topic or task, highlight the whole thing.  And, if you (Ryver) prefer another highlight color instead of yellow for some reason, it's fine with me.  

Under review

Hi Ben,

We do highlight the specific topic reply or task comment if you have a notification/reminder on one of those. Note that there was previously a bug with tasks in which it didn't scroll down and highlight the comment, but that was fixed in our update this past weekend.

We were thinking the highlight would be unnecessary for the main topic/task itself if we kept the view at the top and didn't highlight any of the replies/comments. It sounds like you find that a bit too ambiguous and would like to see something more explicit.

For chat, we do plan on a complete update of the chat view so that we can scroll you right to the chat message in the chat room itself, rather than taking you to the separate Chat Archive view. This is a bit of a bigger project, though, so it's going to be a couple months out.