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Include many NATIVE integrations

Ben 4 years ago updated by info 2 years ago 2

Right now, Ryver only integrates with Zapier.  There's the Webhooks option, but seems to require some level of technical knowledge.  Most users will probably not be able to use Webhooks easily.  And even Zaps are not so easy for the common user.

Slack has hundreds of native integrations: https://slack.com/apps

Ryver should actively seek native integrations with the most popular apps out there.  Native integrations promote the use of Ryver and can help current Ryver users get more "juice" from Ryver.

Under review

We definitely have improved integrations on our ToDo list, Ben. We're going to start with a few specific things such as easy one-click integration of RSS feeds, and an Outlook integration for adding topics/tasks in Ryver from your emails. From there we will be building some wrappers around our webhook support for more one-click integration with popular apps, rather than having to provide a custom template.

I' not shure this is the place or if I have to open a new one. But I whish the ability to send an email to a specific address when a task i completed. I looked for it into Zapier but there is not the event "Task completed" there are only "New <something>".