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Quickly Switch Tasks View between Kanban and Sortable Table

Ben 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

The Kanban (Trello type) view for Tasks is nice when you have only a few tasks.  But when you have a lot of tasks, it is sometimes better to be able to switch (whenever you wish) to a Tabular view where you can decide which columns to show and how to sort (similar to Outlook tasks)

The switching should be both ways of course.

Right now you can change the TASK LAYOUT MODE between:

BOARD: Category based columns with drag and drop
LIST: Simple flat list with checkboxes to complete.

*The LIST option adds: NOTE: your categories will be removed.

I propose that this switch is split into 3 options:  Board, Simple List, Complete Table.  And make it possible to easily switch back. The categories from the Board should not be lost when switching to Simple list.  They would just not show.  But, the Complete table should have all the possible columns with data (similar to the data that tasks in Outlook have).  Then the system should be able to let the user sort and filter in any possible way.

Under review

Hi Ben,

I have a scenario for you. When you create a Task Board with categories, in which you can drag to re-order your tasks within each category column, what would you expect to happen when you switch to list view? Would you still expect to be able to drag/drop the tasks in different orders? That gets a bit awkward with the categories.




Maybe just show them in the order they are on the board, and keep any order changes only to the list view (not push them to the board view)

Teamwork Projects does this and handles it nicely.

I agree with this.

What I would like is the ability to see sortable lists, with one line per task and several columns, with the ability to easily add, remove, move and resize columns of data.  Exactly as outlook tasks, like for example these columns:

In outlook tasks view I can add more columns, remove existing columns, move column position, resize columns, sort by any columns.

When you have just a few tasks in Kanban View, it's no big deal.  But when you have hundreds of tasks, the ability to view them in sortable adjustable tables like outlook tasks lets you prioritize quickly.