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Allow creation of Recurring Reminders

Ben 4 years ago updated by Kyrylo 4 years ago 4

Sometimes there are some things that need to be done every week or every month.  We could create tasks for them but tasks by themselves don't produce notifications.  Plus, right now there's no recurring tasks either.  

It would be nice to be able to set a recurring reminder, which could work on any message and also on tasks

Under review

We do have recurring tasks and task due date notifications on our radar. Would that tide you over? Or would you find it important to be able to de-couple these recurring reminders from tasks? That does sound like a handy feature.


The way Wunderlist solved this is awesome .
When you complete the task it creates the same task again in the same group with the new due date or completed date.
Of course with the chosen interval. day, week month year

I hope we see this feature soon!

+1 to the request