Ryver application for mac is a memory hog

Tyson 4 years ago updated by Peter Huncar 3 years ago 2

I keep the Ryver application always running. I periodically have to shut it down and reopen it as it consumes more and more memory. The memory issue is a big one as most people using this are in productivity and already use programs that require copious amounts of memory. The last time I shut Ryver down it was at 1.3GB or 1.5GB  of memory cant remember which (but at that point it doesn't really matter its too much). Please address the memory issue.

A million times this. Currently Ryver is hogging 1.6gb of memory on my mac which is absolutely mad. Please sort!

Come on, Ryver app on win is the second biggest memory consumer just after Chrome (ironically) where I have quite plenty of Tabs open. And addons. Whatcha doing? Storing images? Digging bitcoins? Unbelievable. Without restarting it can easily eat up 1GB of RAM. It's a chat client, not an image editor! I remember using chat clients on machines that had 1GB of HDD not RAM. Geeez. I mean, MS Vscode is electron based as well, does not hang and consumes less memory and it's even faster with plenty of dev plugins I use. And I haven't even started ranting about the Android version where it takes several seconds to even switch back to Ryver, just because I switched to another app. And the notification floods?  I don't believe we're paying for this...