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Increase size of emojis when posted without text

Ben 4 years ago updated by joeboon 2 years ago 3

This is a feature Slack introduced some time ago.  It's a minor thing but I find it to be nice.  Emojis have the right size for when you put them together with text.  But, sometimes you reply to something just with an emoji.  It would be nice to see that one bigger, maybe 2 or 3 times as big as the normal emoji size.

Here's the info in Slack about larger emojis when message is only emoji:

"By default, if your message or comment contains only emoji, they'll appear larger on both mobile and desktop."

Under review

That's an interesting point about emoji by themselves. I see Slack only supports the big emoji with certain themes. I'll check with the dev team about this feature to see if there might be any technical issues, or if it would be an easy addition. Thanks!

Whatsapp does this as well (tested on iPhone).. Large for a message of one emoji, and medium for a few emojis.