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Double android notifications

Dominic Falcao 4 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 7

I get push notifications twice/they appear doubled in notifications bar in Android (though not in app)

I get this issue too, its really annoying.


Im having the same issue. Started happening a while ago. Also clicking on the notifications doesn't take me to the thing the notification is notifying me of...

Android 8.1.0.

Under review

Thank you for reporting this issue. We have had a few other reports as well, and are looking into this. It seems like a subset of customers have more than one device registration entry in our push notification service. But it's only Android customers.

For those of you who have started seeing the double notifications, have you had Ryver installed on another phone and then upgraded to a new phone?

I've only had Ryver installed on 1 phone but I have logged in and out a few times. I've gone through an OTA security patch on android but not a full version upgrade.


I recently installed Ryver on another device.

I also went through a phone upgrade but that was many months ago. This started happening more around the time I installed Ryver on the second device.

I am also having this issue.  I have had Ryver installed on multiple android phones because of upgrades.  If I could also add, clicking on an android Notification for Ryver for a direct message does not take me to the conversation with the sender.  It takes me to the notifications list in Ryver which has nothing to do with the direct message.  It's frustrating.  Often, the app then locks up on me when I try to click over to the conversation with the sender of the direct message.  That usually only happens when I click on the android notification.  I'd rather that clicking on the android notification open up the conversation with the sender of the direct message so that I can respond immediately.  This is how other messaging apps on my phone work.  Finally, the android notification is formatted in such a way to show only a small portion of the message.  When I get a notification from another messaging app, they are able to display an icon for the user that sent the message and a decent portion of the beginning of the message.  It would be nice if the Ryver android notifications could do something similar.

We're still looking into the cause of the double-notifications, but I believe we can manually fix it.

If you contact support (best way is to use the in-app feedback form in the drop-down menu from the top of the left navigation bar), we'll get some device information from you and look up your device in the push notification system to remove an extra record there.

As for where you land in the app when you get a notification, you should be taken directly to chat for a chat notification. For topics and tasks, we do take you to the Notifications view, so that if you have multiple topic/task notifications, you can just select them and open each one up quickly, without navigating around between forums and teams.  But this is something we will revisit.