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Assign Tasks to a User not through a Team or Forum

Ben 4 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 2

There's another product Idea that has this idea as part of it.


However, I think this specific request merits its own Topic.

Currently, Ryver doesn't allow me to assign tasks to users directly, unless it's through a Team or Forum.  

Many times I need to assign a task to a user, but I prefer not to do it through a Team or Forum.  I might not want to add more tasks to the whole team.  Or it might be a task unrelated to any team.  Or it might be a task that I want to stay private between me and the user.

As a user, I want to have the ability to create a task and assign it to WHOMEVER I WANT.

I think this is something that Ryver can easily solve.

And, if Ryver wants to "foster collaboration" as they call it, it can let Admins decide if users must assign tasks to other users only through teams/forums or can do it directly.

Just to make it clear... what I mean with this idea is that we users need to be able to ASSIGN TASKS DIRECTLY TO ANOTHER USER and not be required to do it through a Team or Forum.

Under review

Thanks for the clarification, Ben. I know you talked to one of our support specialists and they missed that you were wanting the direct assignment, but we do understand this request.

We're still having some internal discussions about the possibility of adding this feature. I know some products support this approach to task creation, while others like Trello keep things completely focused on the shared task boards. We decided to focus on the latter initially, and we still have a few features like recurring tasks, due date reminders, and others we need to complete before we consider tackling a bigger task-related project like this one. But it is definitely on our radar now.