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Keep filenames when saving images

ryang 4 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 1

When an image is sent to me in Ryver through the Upload File mechanism I see the original filename, but when I try to download it using the hover Download button the image name is always “true”.png|jpg|etc. 

If I click on the image preview and then click on the Download button the name is “Image Preview”. png|jpg|etc.

The image name should be the actual image name as it was sent to me.

This is on Mac OSX High Sierra, Ryver Version 1.2.1

Under review

HI Ryan. This seems to be an issue with the desktop shell library we are using. We have somebody looking into some other desktop-related issues right now, and will see if we can do anything about that default "true" filename while they are in there. Thanks!