RTL Support (Right To Left)

Rezayarr 4 years ago 0

Dear Sir,

There are many languages which are using Right To Left script, (RTL)

If Ryver is not supporting RTL, the content of the following languages are not displayed correctly, thus making it very difficult to read and understand correctly, because one will lose the sentence correct format.


The following languages all use RTL

·                                 Arabic.

·                                 Aramaic.

·                                 Azeri.

·                                 Dhivehi/Maldivian.

·                                 Hebrew.

·                                 Kurdish (Sorani)

·                                 Persian/Farsi.

·                                 Urdu.

Therefore, it would highly be appreciated if you could pay an urgent attention to this problem and bring it up with your technical team.

I am a hundred percent sure, that if you try RTL support Ryver, this will give you an edge over the similar programs. E.g. Slack etc….

We are looking forward to your positive respond.

Kind regards,