Add more people to the programming team at Ryver so Product Ideas can be worked on faster

Ben 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

I just checked and there are only 38 completed product ideas out of 402 posted.  I know it's not easy to spend more money on people, but at the same time, improving the product not only improves the efficiency and power of the current users but also improves the chances of new customers liking Ryver more than Slack or other alternatives.

Update: Now there are 53 closed out of 482 ideas posted... but there has been no action in the last few months.  Seems like the Ryver development team is completely ignoring what their users want and focusing ONLY in what they think users want.  I would propose giving 50% of the time to what the Company thinks is important and 50% to what the Users think is important.