Bulk Delete Chat Messages, Topics, Tasks and Notifications

Ben 4 years ago updated by Patrick Chu 2 years ago 3

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we need to be able to delete more than one message, topic, task or notification.  If it's only a couple it's no big deal.  But if it's more than a few, it's very annoying and time consuming to have to do it one by one.  Would be nice to be able to delete anything in Ryver with a system similar to when you pick a few chat messages and convert them to a topic or task.


Any news about this?

Until such time as a method is established for multiple or bulk deleting or I discover the method : (  I found when I need to delete numerous "notifications", it helps if you turn off "confirm when deleting notifications" in settings.  I can just repeatedly hit the trash can icon until its all gone. It goes much faster. 

Sometimes there are a lot of old messages and you just want to clean up to make it load faster. It is certainly a long missing feature.