Fix User Desktop Statuses

Isaac de la Fuente 6 years ago updated by JonO 4 years ago 11

Currently Ryver places you in the "away" status if you are not actively using Ryver. This means that I'm often at my computer working but my team thinks I'm "away" because I'm not actively clicking on the Ryver application.

If I'm active at my computer then my status should be Available. This is how all of our other communication apps work like Skype. Since using Ryver we have no way of accurately gauging who is actually available and who is not.

Thank you for this request, and the additional up votes! We are preparing to revisit the desktop app and how we manage your presence status.

For anybody who has multiple Ryver accounts, would you expect to remain "available" in all logged in accounts, or just the one currently selected in the app?


Not using multiple accounts but I'm thinking if you manually set away it could stay that way until you change it. Maybe you could even add a separate status called idle that you never assign yourself.

By the way this is a duplicate of http://feedback.ryver.com/topics/36-status-not-set-to-available-in-windows-after-becoming-idle/

@jeff we only have singular Ryver accounts so I don't have any insight.


We now have a build in testing that includes a number of fixes, including tracking computer activity for determining available/away status. Also, if you go to another app and come back, we'll keep your focus in the chat textbox so you don't have to click back on it. Much more coming as well, including right-click context menu with copy/paste, and spelling correction suggestions.

We need to coordinate the release of this build with a couple of changes in the web client, so we're targeting end of this week or early next week. Stay tuned...

This should be working as expected with version 1.1.5 of the Desktop apps.

I'm using 1.3.2 and this is still not fixed. My status goes to away in less than 30 seconds if I am not actively using the Ryver app. OSX 10.13.6. What are you using to determine "activity" or whether or not a user is active?

Seems to be an issue with the Mac version. I have installed on Linux on the same network and do not have any issues. However, the Mac version fails even after uninstalling and re-installing.