Timer for Task/Projects/Users

CARLOS - EL COACH 5 years ago updated by jdaddy 3 years ago 1

As a owner/manager, it’s very important to know where is the time go/invest. This is our resource day to day, right?

What if, every users of the team can click on timer when they start a task and click again when finish the task?

And as a manager, can see this record AND maybe all members of that team can see too. This action maybe work as a competence inside every team/group and inspire them

Think how great this feature is!

We are still wishing for this feature...most task managers and project management tools have this feature and it is very important to our billing and to our productivity monitoring.  We are at the point now we need to consider a different tool that does have this feature since we need it and using a third-party separate app just doesn't cut it.