User option whether Enter or Ctrl+Enter = Send

Edward 5 years ago updated by CJ Harries 4 years ago 1

Most of the people I introduce to Slack and may in future introduce to Ryver find the Enter = Send default very disconcerting. It's one of the first experiences they have and it's often negative ("But I haven't finished what I was trying to say!")

It makes sense in a quick-fire chat situation, but not when people are posting considered responses that need paragraph breaks (or bullet points). Any chance of making it a user-selectable option whether Enter or Ctrl+Enter sends a message? That simple change would improve the UX greatly for many people.

+1. This isn't just a Slack thing, it's also a project management software thing. Having the ability to change the binding to match expected behavior would be very useful.

I wasn't able to quickly find links for Trello, Slack, or Teamwork. Those may or may not exist; I suspect they don't, which means Ryver could be ahead of the pack here.