Under review

Sticky Posts to Chat Channels

Oli Chance 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 2

We often find ourselves forgetting/losing track of important posts because they're off in the separate 'Posts' tab rather than right there in the chat channel. As such, a feature that allowed posts (or even just a single post) to be stickied to the top of the chat window would be really useful.
It might be useful to make this an admin-only feature/add an option to only allow admins to do this.

Sticky posts are wonderful, but I leave each team in the chat tab (partly so I can find which chats have new messages!) - so having a sticky chat message or post or something would allow me to have that little bit of important info right there. (In my case, it's usually a couple of handy links that apply to the team)

Under review

Doing sticky chat messages might be a little more tricky with the constant and reverse scrolling nature of a chat view. I wonder if, now that we have the side panels, being able to display something on the Profile panel would help out, as this could be left visible independent of whether you are on the Chat or Posts tab.