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Webhooks not updating

Austin Best 5 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 2

I had a webhook that was showing when it was last run and last failed. However it no longer is updating. It appears ever since i edited it, it stopped keeping track. As seen in the attached, it shows last success was 9/8 however it has posted at least 10 time successfully today (9/14) and multiple times through the week as well.

Also, just an FYI as you can see in the image, that error text is so useless. There is absolutely nothing i can do with that information.... I think there is another open request for actually showing failed information for more than just the last one and actually showing the information from a couple months ago...

EDIT: Found it.. Marked "Started" 5 months ago... http://feedback.ryver.com/topics/252-cant-view-failed-webhooks/

Under review

Hi Austin, that is definitely a different error message than what I've seen before. My initial guess would be that you are passing JSON and the body field is missing, though, I would expect that error message to look more like this:

parameter 'body' cannot be null for operation 'Chat.PostMessage'

I don't suppose you would have a sample payload that we could look at that causes this particular error?

Regarding it not updating, does it still not update if you hit the refresh button at the top of the view?