No 'Toggle view: Active/Archive' option on Android

dave edwards 5 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 3

There is the ability to archive posts. We have created a forum which is like a FAQ where we create posts and then archive them to prevent tampering. When viewed via a Web browser by default they do not show (which in itself is annoying and once made visible by the user should always be visible), you may however make them visible by using the menu option 'Toggle view: Active/Archive'. However when using Android App there is NO menu option to enable the user to do this. I haven't checked the other app? Can this be fixed as a matter of urgency as users cannot see this content.

The next release of the Ryver phone apps will include the Archive Posts updates. We are currently testing these apps for release.

Please send any bug type of issues to support@ryver.com for quicker service.

You might have found it by now, but, the option is very much there.